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Although activists have lobbied for zero tolerance DUID laws in California for years, there is no established level of impairment for Drugged Driving cases. This alone creates a significant impediment for the prosecution, in contrast to alcohol related DUI, where the Drunk Driving limit of .08% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is widely accepted.

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Scan some of the numerous defense strategies that might apply to create more than reasonable doubt. DUID & DUI cases can be won. Not every dui case will result in an acquittal, but a good percentage of those fought by a effective DUI specific lawyer will. Don't admit to defeat prior to a case evaluation and consultation.

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Our law office handles DUI, and DUI only. We are one of only a handful of exclusive DUI defense firms who are 100% committed to protecting the rights and freedom of persons charged with this complex and often dubious offense. We offer discrete and professional services with most accomplished, experienced, and up to date DUI defense skills in the county.

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April 5th, 2011

Man impersonates officer and detains female drivers

The story of the wanna-be cop
March 30th, 2011

Cop impersonates law abiding, dutiful peace officer and solicits sexual favors from female motorists ...

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This list of defense examples to DUI and DUID is not comprehensive. Depending on the criteria surrounding your case, there may be unique circumstances you should discuss with a qualified DUI Attorney.

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Attorney's recent DUI Jury Trial Outcomes. DMV Admin Per Se Hearing Outcomes for Drivers License Suspension resulting from DUI.

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